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"Edible Ideas come to Life"

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  • Bringing "Edible ideas to Life"

    Welcome to the Sweet Serendipity by Bernice website.  JHere you will learn a little more about us and see the different Menu choices we offer.  We take pride in creating pieces and bringing your "Edible Ideas to Life".  Our family's Signature Vanilla Cake recipe is one that for sure you will enjoy, also is the most requested and for what Sweet Serendipity is well known for. We can very well accommodate to our customer's choices of cake flavors and fillings. 

    We offer a variety of services, from the Custom Cakes in Fondant or Buttercream, to Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing or Guava, to yummy Brownies, flavorful Cupcakes & Mini Cupcakes, we also can create Macaroons with Guava, Pistachio, Chocolate filings.  We love to bring your "Edible idea to life".  All you have to do, is contact us.

    You, our customer, you are our inspiration, we take pride in what we do. We found that there is a need to have a stunning work of art that is beautiful to the eye and that you can enjoy every bite.  This deliciousness is the secret to the success of Sweet Serendipity​ by Bernice.

        We are aiming to become a Doral Tradition and being known and recognized by South Floridians for our creative

        and flavorful Sweets.

Sweet Serendipity by Bernice

​"Edible ideas come to life"